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Membership Options at The Black Pearl

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Membership at This Exclusive Golf Course!

The Black Pearl Membership

The Black Pearl members and their families are entitled to use all of the club facilities. Families include a member’s spouse and their unmarried children under the age of 25. Each member may use the club facilities in accordance with the club regulations, as described in this membership plan. These members may reserve tee times in advance with preferential reservation rights. These members are not required to pay greens fees, but are required to pay cart or trail fees.

The Black Pearl Resident Membership

Residents of Pristine Bay Resort may also choose to become a member of The Black Pearl. These members enjoy the same rights and privileges of The Black Pearl Membership.

Investor Membership

Owners of property in Pristine Bay Resort, who will not be residents, may also choose to purchase a membership at
The Black Pearl. This membership is purchased in conjunction with a property investment and the owner has the option of keeping the membership inactive. An inactive membership is not required to pay monthly dues and the member does not enjoy the benefits of the membership until it is activated. Once the membership is activated, it remains active. These members enjoy the same rights and privileges of The Black Pearl Membership.

The Black Pearl Corporate Membership

Corporate Memberships are available to corporations, partnerships, business trusts, and other forms of multiple ownerships. Each Corporate Membership will permit the business entity to designate individuals (maximum 4) for The Black Pearl Membership privileges. There must be at least two dues paying corporate member designees at all times. Each designee must be an officer, director, partner, or employee of the business and be approved for membership. The owner of the Corporate Membership may change each designee upon payment of a transfer fee determined by the Club from time to time. Only actual active operating businesses are eligible to acquire Corporate Memberships.

The Black Pearl reserves the right to require the corporate member to provide documentation confirming its establishment as a business entity, such as a copy of its articles of incorporation, partnership agreement, or other documentation supporting its existence as a bonafide business entity. The Corporate Membership will be issued in the name of the corporation or other business entity paying the required membership initiation fee and both the business entity and designee will be liable for all dues, fees, and charges.

Each designated user of the Corporate Membership will have the same privileges as other The Black Pearl members.

The Black Pearl Temporary Resident Membership

The Black Pearl Memberships are available to temporary residents. Temporary resident members will pay their dues
in advance. Privileges are extended for a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months. Membership is recallable at the sole discretion of the club. Proof of permanent residency of out-of-country or out-of-state is required.

The Black Pearl Yearly Membership

The Black Pearl Golf Club will offer yearly The Black Pearl Memberships, in its sole discretion. Each Yearly Membership will have the same privileges as other The Black Pearl Members. Members will pay a non-refundable initiation fee as required by the Club. Yearly Memberships are not subject to Transfer of Memberships as outlined in this membership plan. With the exception of Transfer of Memberships, all other provisions set forth in this membership plan apply to Yearly Memberships.

*Each active member is required to pay monthly membership dues as outlined according to the terms of the specified membership.

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For a complete membership plan and more information regarding membership opportunities at The Black Pearl, feel free to contact us here: or, and we will be happy to assist you.


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