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Corporate Coordinator

Attention to Detail Makes for Prestigious Events in Roatan

Pristine Bay’s dedication to creating world class corporate events begins and ends with our corporate coordinator, Carolina.

Carolina was born in Honduras and began working at Pristine Bay in 2014. Carolina has extensive experience as a coordinator, putting on over 50 corporate events. Her love for meeting new people and learning about cultures underlines every interaction she has with clients. In addition to ensuring that every meeting and event has all of the services and equipment they need, Carolina enjoys learning about the clients coming to Pristine Bay and the business they represent.

In 2016 Carolina coordinated the prestigious SICA (Central American Integration System) meeting at Pristine Bay which was led by the President of the Republic of Honduras Mr. Juan Orlando Hernández, and was attended by heads of states from other countries including Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. Her professionalism and attention to detail ensured the smooth running of this important meeting of government leaders.

When asked what the best part of Pristine Bay is, Carolina simply says “the staff,” because every day at work is fun. The special experience that initially drew her to the resort years ago is something she commits to providing each client she works with.

Carolina looks forward to using her expertise to plan your next event you when you bring your business to paradise.

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