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Are there transportation options for getting me and my guests from the airport to the resort?
Absolutely. In addition to our van service, we’ve partnered with Roatan Premium Services to offer our guests the option of traveling to our resort in a luxury limousine. For $120 USD the limousines fit as many as 18 people, and offer complimentary chocolates and champagne.

Where are the wedding ceremonies held?
Wedding ceremonies take place on our private and exclusive beach. This means there is no foot traffic during your wedding, or unwanted guests. The newly built San Jose church is only a 5 minute drive away for those looking for more of a traditional ceremony.

What about the reception? Where does it take place?
Receptions typically take place on our large terrace and pool deck overlooking the Caribbean. The party portion of the evening can also take place on our terrace, or down on the beach. We are able to provide lighting, music, and service to both locations.

What if it rains on my wedding day?
Our terrace looking over the Caribbean is partially covered, meaning, you can still have an outdoor wedding and reception beach-side without getting rained on. But not to worry, rain doesn’t often last for long here in Roatan!

Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests that can attend my wedding?
We can accommodate weddings of up to 600 people! There is also no minimum, your wedding can just  be you and your significant other if you choose.

Does Pristine Bay offer any packages for weddings?
Yes, we offer a Deluxe Package and a Custom Package. Our Deluxe Package offers an “All-Inclusive” experience, whereas the Custom Package is completely personalized to what you want for a wedding. Further details on both packages are available at the Deluxe Package and Custom Package pages.

Can I bring my own photographer?
Absolutely! If you have a photographer in mind that you would like to capture your day, we invite you to bring them along with you. We do ask that you notify our coordinator Carolina of this, though, as she would typically book a photographer.

How are all the wedding details planned from afar?
This is where our coordinator Carolina comes in. Through regular communication with Carolina, she will establish your vision and taste preferences. This includes décor for the ceremony and reception, music selection and services, and much more. When you arrive at Pristine Bay you will meet with Carolina to go over the details and make any final decisions.

Is there a set menu or can we choose what we want served at our reception?
We have 3 pre-planned menus for weddings. These menus can be altered to suit your preferences or dietary needs. Please note that Menu 1 is included in the Deluxe Package. If you would like to view the menus, please visit our Dinner page.

Does the resort provide an Officiate for the wedding ceremony?
A wedding officer is not included in the wedding fees, but can be booked through our coordinator Carolina at an additional fee.

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